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When my primary care doctor expressed concern about my decreasing muscle tone and lung usage at age 61, I started yoga, hoping it would help me with my lifelong battle with scoliosis and decreased lung capacity.  Marley began working with me privately in 2009, creating an individualized program for me that resulted in major measurable physical improvements.  Not only have I regained an inch of height lost due to scoliosis of the spine, my lung usage and capacity has increased from 75% to 100%.   My sleep is much more peaceful at night, and I have an increased sense of well-being.

-Dahli Gray


Marley meets me where I am, and gently guides, challenges, and encourages me to places I didn’t know I could go.   Her focus on the fundamentals of yoga never feels mechanical, and her careful attention to the particular needs of each student has enabled me to work with and through long -standing knee and back problems.

-The Rev. Gretchen van Utt


She has an amazing ability to challenge those who are experienced, while affirming those who are beginners ... I have many choices for yoga instructors, and I purposefully choose Marley’s classes for her warmth, sensitivity, acceptance, humor, competence, and encouragement.

-Joy Goldman


Marley is one of the most motivated educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.  She exudes positive energy.   I recruited her to teach 2 sessions a week at my consulting company, which has positively impacted our team dynamic, the general well being of each participant, and has obviously reduced stress. Marley communicates very effectively with any type of person and naturally derives near and long -term goals based on the needs and desires of individuals.

-Brooke Stevenson
President & Chief Architect, Spry Enterprises, Inc.


Marley’s combination of yoga training, education in dance and psychology, and most importantly her dedication to personal practice has made her highly knowledgeable in the uses of yoga to serve as a physically and emotionally therapeutic tool.   With this knowledge, Marley is able to create yoga sessions that entertain, challenge, and relax her students all at once ... Similarly, this same understanding allows Marley to provide her students with a great technical foundation from which to grow and expand his/her personal yoga practice.

-John North

I take many of the techniques from Marley’s class and use them in my work on my massage table.  Whether it’s a stretch, a breathing technique, a muscle-releasing trick with a tennis ball, or simply the memory of her poise, The benefits of Marley’s instruction extend far beyond the classroom walls. It seems to me that Marley is living yoga practice, actively a student herself, and excellent at sharing what she’s learned.

-Jes Raschella, Massage Therapist